Minnesota Tradition Explained: Origin of Pickle Ornament Competition

Photo Courtesy: New York Times

Photo Courtesy: New York Times

Photo Courtesy: New York Times

Colette Benoit, Staff Writer

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The Pickle Ornament Tradition is a Christmas tradition where one of the parents in the family hangs a glass pickle ornament on the tree, and whichever child in the family finds it first receives an extra present. It is also rumored that the child who finds it will receive good luck for the next year.

This seemingly modern tradition is actually existed for a long time, but where it originated is unclear. Once, it was thought to be from Germany, but that seemed to be a myth started by ornament salesman trying to sell these weird shaped ornaments around the holidays.

Surprisingly enough, many students here at MHS participate in this unique tradition. Lily Peterson, ‘21, a student whose family are newcomers to this tradition, explains that her family caught news of it from another family. Since then, they have loved it and done it every year.

According to Peterson, the tradition “is a great way for family members of all ages to get involved,” and it provides a way for her to connect with her little brother.

On the other hand, MHS student Sidney Dickinson, ‘21, has been involved with the Pickle tradition her entire life. It has been one of her family’s Christmas traditions since as far back as she can remember.

She says that her Christmas “just wouldn’t feel the same without it” and that she “looks forward to it every year.”

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