MUSE Magazine: Re-imagined to Exhibit Students’ High-Quality Work

Gloria Lee, Staff Writer

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Calling all artists, writers, and musicians who want to showcase their work. MUSE multimedia magazine is currently requesting submissions for student artwork, written pieces, and music pieces.
MUSE Magazine is the “literary magazine revived” and aims to “create an outlet for creativity” and “showcase the talent of [MHS students]” said Priscilla Trinh, ‘18.
Contrary to the school literary magazine in publication a few years ago, this revamped magazine will include e-publications of musical files. The idea for the magazine’s resurrection came from Trinh, and she, along with the Writing Center Coaches, Blog Team, and Breezes Editors will be working behind the scenes to display the submissions on the Web as well as publish a hard copy edition of MUSE.
The magazine’s final look is less about displaying works that are aesthetically pleasing, but more about exhibiting work that emanates genuine student perspectives and emotions.
Trinh hopes that, in the end, the curation of creativity in MUSE Magazine will be able to “inspire others to tap into the arts and explore self-expression amongst [their] busy lives.”
All students, including foreign exchange students, are welcome to contribute art and written work to the magazine. To submit work, go to Schoology and join the MUSE Magazine Group.
Schoology Code: 9PWS2-BZ6Z2

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