Artist Spotlight: J-Cut & Her Sudden Entrance to Electronic Dance Music

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Artist Spotlight: J-Cut & Her Sudden Entrance to Electronic Dance Music

Courtesy of Olivia Kizilos

Courtesy of Olivia Kizilos

Courtesy of Olivia Kizilos

Josh Poppie, Staff Writer

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Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, is a form of music that has been increasing in popularity recently.

“EDM music is in major keys which releases dopamine, and the harmonies are very nice. The music is dissonant which creates build up, so when the beat drops more dopamine is released, which excites people,” said Mckealy Baker, ’19.

To further understand the interest, this month’s artist spotlight focuses on one student’s EDM experience.

Olivia Kizilos, ‘19, has recently entered the EDM world. Eager to get her name out, she has created numerous high-quality tracks on SoundCloud.

Going by the artist name J-Cut, Kizilos makes an infectious mix of hyper-driven EDM and humorous sampling.

“[Making EDM] was just something to do,” said Kizilos.

This activity, which started as a hobby, quickly became a bigger deal to this artist. Kizilos reflects on her songs positively, excitedly following her progress.

Kizilos feels her music is crazy, upbeat, and lighthearted. She referenced other underground electronic artists such as Elysian Tunes and t+pazolite as influences, because their music is similar to hers.

While making music is time-consuming, Kizilos finds time to fit it into her schedule.

“Ironically, it’s when I have a deadline coming when I have the best inspiration,” said Kizilos.

Due to the upbeat and giddy nature of her music, it is understandable that pressure to write can create such music.

When asked if writing music is part of her future, Kizilos believes that it will stay in her life.

“Even if it’s only a hobby, I’ll still do it, at least until it’s not sustainable,” she said.

If Kizilos could let her audience know one thing, it would be that “for every one good song I make, there could be a hundred bad songs.”

While she never wants that to stop her, this upbeat artist is aware that her hard work pays off, something that is evident in her art.


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