Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Chaehyun Lee, Backpage Editor



  1. A sign of gratitude for services received or for blessings presented.


  1. The agreement between the two parties to end a conflict and carry on with peace and honesty.


  1. Somebody who journeys to a foreign land ahead of other inhabitants, usually as a sign of devotion to religion.


  1. A red, acidic fruit used mainly in juices, sauces, and jelly.


  1. The time of the year that fully grown crops are collected for use during the coming months.


  1. To be appreciative of items or services received.






  1. An abundant meal, usually reserved for celebrations.


  1. A group of people who leave their native land to start a sublet community in a formerly uncharted area.


  1. The initial traveler to a certain area, responsible for developing land, housing, and finding resources.


  1. A larger brown or reddish bird with large tail feathers, a thick body and characterized by a bearded beak.


  1. A procession of festive nature that usually includes a marching band, decorative floats and special citizens.


  1. The characteristic of being from a particular place or environment.


  1. A plant known for its edible, tuberous roots.


  1. A stage of weather patterns that occurs in the time between Summer and Winter.


  1. Thick, seasoned juices that are produced as meat cooks and are used as sauces for other foods.