School Board Candidates Share Stances

Ava Hefferon, Staff Writer

The Minnetonka School Board is holding a special election on November 8th to fill the position of former member Christine Ritchie who moved out of the district in 2021.

There are school board elections every two years. Dr. Michael Remucal and Brandon Voges are both competing for the newly open spot. Dr. Remucal attended St. Olaf college for his undergrad and University of Minnesota, where he became a Board Certified Surgeon. 

After serving two terms with the US Air Force and being the first person in his family to attend college, Voges served as a firefighter and EMT, which later led him to becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. 

Dr. Remucal’s priorities are creating an effective and long term open enrollment strategy, and continuing the excellence of Minnetonka education while curving to a more technological standpoint. Speaking of his hopes to bring diversity to the community, Dr. Remucal explains “I hope to shift to policies that surround and embrace diversity in the community.” 

Dr. Remucal also hopes to use his medical background to clear confusion and misinformation put out by the internet about different rising diseases and sicknesses, “I would be able to cut through the noise and help the school district,” he said.

Opposing candidate Brandon Voges’s views consist of the main ideas of “Respect, Excellence and Collaboration.” He recognizes teachers’ role in the classroom, but also wants to continue parents’ involvement. He also wishes to work with administrators to create more financial aid for students and families.

“I will work diligently to ensure all Minnetonka students have the resources and support needed to envision and pursue their highest aspirations,” he said. After a short interview with Voges he shared that his main goal is to create an environment that students can thrive in. 

Voges hopes to “ensure all students receive a top notch instruction geared towards their individualized goals in an environment which fosters respect and dignity”. 

While many students are not aware of what the school board does, some do know of its importance such as Taylor Hendrickson, ‘24, who said “the school board is important for the school’s policies and who we elect to represent is important.”

The Minnetonka School Board is a board of elected officials who are committed to making policies and budgets. The board holds meetings at the district center, on the first Thursday every month. Parents and adults in the school district can vote for either Dr. Michael Remucal or Brandon Voges on November 8th.

Interested in learning more about the candidates? Watch this candidate forum on YouTube: