Minnetonka Girls Swim Sports Brief

Ming Wei Yeoh, Staff Writer

This season, which ended in early October, was a good one for the girls’ swim team. 

Paige Olson, ‘24, reflected on the various experiences she had as a new swimmer this fall. She recalled the lively atmosphere that brightened up every practice, which consisted of cheering from the bleachers for teammates. 

The pandemic prompted various new regulations, which Olson admitted she somewhat struggled to adapt to. During meets, these new rules spread the team out across the bleachers and forced them to wait until right before an event to approach the starting blocks. Understandably, it was also harder to preserve the same team energy standing six feet apart. 

Despite that, Olson looked back on the season happily. For the rest of the year, she plans to swim for the Minnetonka Swim Club, where many other Minnetonka students are members. Olson said the Minnetonka Swim Club is a filler for her months off-season; she said that it, frankly, does not compare to the strict and intense practices Olson experienced on the school team. 

When asked how swimming affects her performance in class, she said, “Since we’re always pushing ourselves to be better, it also carries over into our ability to work hard academically.” 

The determination she has is in part due to her fellow swimmers, who made the “experience of being a team” a major reason why Olson loves swimming for Minnetonka. 

Catarina Lino, a psychologist from the University of Lisbon, explained that “A team with a positive mood is built on foundations of encouragement, a sense of humor, and an expectation of success. Positive mood is a major factor in a team’s flexibility and resilience, and it’s the heart of a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Olson encourages anybody who may be interested to join the girls’ team—for the extra motivation and support, if not for the swimming.