The Man Behind The Mask — An Exclusive Interview With Our Skipper Mascot

Scott Sorensen, Staff Writer

The Minnetonka Skippers’ mascot is a beloved figure in his hometown, doling out high-fives and pictures at home games and acting as the spiritual center of the crowd. Every year, students apply to wear the hallowed suit. This year, Gregory Woods, ’23, was chosen. Starting his career at Minnetonka football’s second home game, he is loving his time in costume. The following is an exclusive Q&A with Woods.


Q: What’s your favorite part of playing Minnetonka’s mascot?

A: [I love] how fun it is and what I’m able to do. I get to dance and walk around on the field, taking pictures with anyone who wants one. I get to be up close to the players and the buzz–everyone loves it.


Q: Do you have a favorite moment so far as a mascot?

A: The first game I was the mascot, I walked out of our big inflatable helmet before the team to the cheer of the crowd. That was amazing: hearing and seeing everyone, knowing I was an important addition to the night. Another moment has to be when I walked through the entire dance team and high-fived them all. They’re fun to dance with and hang around.


Q: Do you have a favorite sport to attend in costume?

A: My favorite sport to attend has to be the football games–there are no other nights like them. I’ve done hockey, and it’s chill (no pun intended), but the hype for football is real.


Q: What’s it like inside the suit?

A: It’s not the worst, but it gets hot and sweaty. I also have to make sure I don’t topple over when I’m going down the stairs. The entire suit is 25 pounds, which is easy to wear and carry, but I need to balance it all, especially the head.


Q: Do you have beef with any other mascots?

A: No, but if any other school wants to have a mascot duel, I’m down.


Q: Who will the next mascot be?

A: I plan to go for it again next year.


Mascots have long been a beloved part of sports at all levels, from high school to professional sports. They represent team pride, excitement and support of the players. Woods is clearly good at what he does, and it seems likely that he will continue to support and hype up Minnetonka’s sports teams in the coming seasons.