Fall of the Cupids: Administration’s Decision to Remove Popular Tradition

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Fall of the Cupids: Administration’s Decision to Remove Popular Tradition

Art Courtesy: Gwen Bowdish

Art Courtesy: Gwen Bowdish

Art Courtesy: Gwen Bowdish

Art Courtesy: Gwen Bowdish

Rebecca Schumacher, Staff Writer

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A big change has come to Minnetonka this year. After years of conflict, administration canceled Cupids. For those that are new to Minnetonka, Cupids were groups of seniors boys in ridiculous costumes who, for a fee, would serenade a student’s friends during Heart Week. The goal of these performances was to raise money for the Family Friends Foundation.

Despite the hilarious nature of the Cupids, the tradition invited significant challenges. Students who were put on the spot by the Cupids often felt embarrassed by the attention.

A teacher who chose to remain anonymous said, “Part of the issue with Cupids was the motivation behind students ordering them… it wasn’t to make someone feel good. It was to embarrass them.”

Cupids were known for invading classrooms without being admitted by a teacher and soon became an annoyance. In addition, their revealing costumes were a point of critique.

Despite the significant reasons behind it, students expressed an overwhelmingly negative opinion about the decision to get rid of the cupid tradition.

“I waited to buy one until my senior year because I didn’t want to waste my money, and now I’ll never get to buy one,” said Anne Malloy, ‘18.

Jai Chadha, ‘20, stated, “I thought that they were a good source of donations, especially because it was going to a good cause, and now given that they had gotten rid of Cupids…people…might not donate as much money.”

Some students acknowledged the issues behind the Cupids, but felt that the answer was not a full shutdown.

Katie Ward, ‘18, reflected, “So many people do it in a fun way and in a non-harassing way, and then, instead of reprimanding the few people who ruin it, the whole program is just shut down.”

However, administration presented a different side to the story.

Principal Erikson stated, “We tried every year and met with students and it just wasn’t working.”

Despite all this controversy, the fact remains that Cupids are permanently canceled. However, we have much to look forward to. This year, administration introduced Musical Telegrams, which aims to focus on being “fun, positive and talent based,” according to Principal Erickson. Even as we rue the loss of the Cupids, let’s make sure to support the Musical Telegrams. Remember that, in the end, it’s all about raising money for a good cause.

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