The Student Equity Panel at MHS

Photo Courtesy of You-You Won

Photo Courtesy of You-You Won

Photo Courtesy of You-You Won

Hibo Ali, Staff Writer

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The heavily requested Equity Panel held its second panel the last week of January. The equity panel is made up of a group of leaders of various minority clubs, school administrators, and faculty. This panel aims to promote inclusivity and equality in the school through discussion. Some of the attendees include leaders of GSA, JSU, MSA, and Women and Men of Color.
I sat down and talked with Baz Jecha and Seamus Wakefield, ‘18, from GSA to ask them about their experience with the panel. It was their first year on the panel and overall they found the experience fun and educational.
Both Jecha and Wakefield want “a panel that’s open to students as well.”
They believe that students will most benefit the opportunity to ask questions in an open environment. They hope that the teachers who made the effort to come to the first panel learn from that opportunity and use their learning in the classroom.
Teachers who partook in the panel enjoyed it, and many made the point that more effort should be made to implement the change discussed at the panel. Some teachers expressed their concern with having only one or two panels a year. They believe MHS can do even more to support minority students.
Some teachers were reluctant to express these views but believe that this school can do a better job to promote equity, starting with having discussions all year round and instead of once or twice a year.

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