A Club that has Students Hooked: Pirate Club at MHS


Art Courtesy of You-You Won

Annika Larson, Rebecca Schumacher, Molly Johnson, and Sarah Bang

As a school known for numerous nautical themes and puns, it is fitting that MHS now has its very own Pirate Club. Ben Johnson, ‘18, and Ethan Quaye, ‘18, started Pirate Club as their IB CAS project.

CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, and the International Baccalaureate Programme uses this project to encourage students to branch out into their community. Johnson and Quaye have taken this opportunity to bring a high-spirited new significance to the term “pirate.”

Since its birth, Pirate Club has evolved into a conglomerate of fun, friendly students and pirate enthusiasts who just want a welcoming group to hang out with. One of the key aspects of the club is the social component.

“I love hanging out with cool people and participating in fun activities,” said David Hodel, ‘18, regarding his favorite part of Pirate Club.

There is no such thing as a typical meeting, since members intentionally keep the purpose of the club ambiguous in order to maintain its appeal to a wide audience and stay free of limiting stereotypes.

Activities include “fencing, music, a talent show, pirate-related presentations…yoga and a Kahoot,” according to Johnson. “We are here to have fun.”

In addition to fun social activities, Pirate Club also places a large emphasis on service.

“We collect school supplies for kids who can’t afford traditional preschool,” says Johnson.

It may be strange to think of piracy in conjunction with giving back to the community, but these students want to contribute to the common good.  

When asked about the future of Pirate Club, Johnson told us, “We are here to have fun. I want this to be a place of friendship and creativity.”

Meetings take place every other Thursday in room 2310, and they are open to anyone who is interested in participating. For more information, contact Ben Johnson or Mr. Boline, the adviser of the club.