College Tours: An Important Step this Fall in Post High School Planning

Emma Ostrom, Staff Writer

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With college application deadlines quickly approaching, many seniors are hunkering down to make headway in deciding where to go for college by touring. Many of them toured over MEA. Some bought round-trip tickets to places as far as New York or Arizona. In less than a year, some of these students will be trading their round-trip in for a one-way ticket.

This fall, many seniors have toured schools they have either applied to or are interested in. Touring is a great way to get insight from a current student at the college while also getting a feel for the campus.

Minnetonka alum and freshman at Montana State University (MSU), Reid Harris said, “I’d say official campus tours are the way to go. The tour guides will know more about the campus and the areas they take you.”

He also added, “Ask questions about the things you’re curious about to learn more about the campus and get the most out of your tour.”

Many seniors plan to go out of state for touring. However, you don’t need to book a plane flight to make the most of your tours.

In the state of Minnesota, there are almost 200 colleges. Even if you don’t foresee yourself going to college in Minnesota, touring schools can help you decide what you are looking for.

Some seniors already have decided which schools they are applying to and therefore no longer need to tour anymore schools. For them, MEA was a good time to finish college applications as most early applications are due in the beginning of november.

Jesse Liu, ‘19, said, “I already have toured the schools I want to go to, so I’ll mostly be using my time to finish my applications. I have most of my common app information finished, I just have the essays to finish.”

Liu said, “Time management is important for this break and preparing college applications. Having an extra day is a good opportunity to get a lot done if you have the right mindset.”

For seniors, fall is the time to start making hefty life decisions. Touring this fall isn’t about where you go, but how you spend your time.

“It’s a good time to narrow down your list of where you might want to spend the next four years,” said Harris.

“If I wouldn’t have spent […] time over MEA touring schools, I might not have ended up at MSU,” said Harris.

Hopefully, seniors were able to take advantage of this opportunity. For juniors, take notes for next year.

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