Senior Capstone

Emma Ostrom, Staff Writer

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During the last two weeks of the school year, seniors have a unique opportunity. Capstone is a two-week long project to finish off their high school career. The project allows students the choice of exploring a career field, service work, or a project of interest. Eligible seniors work with a mentor off-campus to immerse themselves in a real-life learning environment.

Students can find a field they’re curious about and intern with an approved company for two weeks.

Joey Sigel, Minnetonka alum, ‘18, participated in Capstone last year interning at Gen Z Guru.

“I worked directly with Jonah and his dad, David Stillman, to help further educate individuals about the up and coming generation soon to be entering the workforce.”

Capstone is about exploring new horizons, but there’s also required work to keep students accountable.

“During the two weeks of Capstone, I was required to blog every day or two and recap what I did that day, along with pictures that helped illustrate my tasks,” said Sigel.

Along with this blog, students also must make a presentation for the Capstone Fair at the end of the two weeks.

Although it’s not the most common, students who want to participate in Capstone can also choose to do service work or another project that is approved by the committee.

“Most students will come away from the Senior Capstone Project with renewed enthusiasm. Some will refine their interests. Some may alter their plans for the future,” said Briana Wilson, director of the Minnetonka’s Capstone Program.

Capstone is a fantastic way to get a hands-on and authentic experience with something you may be curious about. Testing the waters of curiosity is what Capstone embodies, and all students come out with a better understanding of their project.

Wilson said, “No matter the outcome, participation in the Senior Capstone Project can be very beneficial.  I see it as an incredible way to bridge the gap between high school and the next steps in your life.”

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