Stay-cation: How To Enjoy Spring Break in Minnesota

Anna Geldert, Staff Writer

Maybe it’s somewhere tropical, with white sandy beaches and blue-green waves that lap the shores. Or maybe it’s a much colder location, with icy wind whipping across the ski trails and a welcoming fire popping in the hearth. Wherever the destination may be, many people spend the next week off from school traveling and exploring every corner of the Earth. However, if you’re staying around here, don’t worry; there are plenty of fun, local activities to check out without the stress of packing or buying a plane ticket.

In fact, many students said they enjoy spending time at  home over spring break. With plans ranging from sleeping to working to exploring the unknowns of the Minneapolis area, they are looking forward to a time to relax and unwind from the stress of third quarter.

“I never get down time,” explains Natalie Venjohn, ‘21. “Spring break is a time where I can just stay home and hang out with friends for a week. It’s ideal.”

Additionally, getting outside and checking out some of the local areas can also be a fun spring break pastime. The suburbs have lots of gorgeous parks and trails, while downtown Minneapolis has a wide variety of museums, restaurants, and shopping outlets worth looking into. Local concerts, plays, and musicals are also a great option.

One area that is definitely worth checking out is the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska. Full of gardens, hiking trails and nature exhibits, the Arboretum offers a wider variety of activities for individuals and large groups, all in the beautiful outdoors. This time of year, many visitors enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing across the Arboretum’s many miles of trails.

“I think spring break is a great time to visit because it’s not overly crowded, so there’s a lot of space for people to do things,” explained an employee at the Arboretum’s learning center.  “It’s a great place get away from playing video games and get some fresh air walking amongst the trees. It’s a beautiful place to be.”

Before long, testing season will be rolling around the corner. Spring break is a time to mentally reset and have some fun before the stress really kicks in. Some may argue that this is easiest to do while staying home.

Whatever you plan to do during your staycation, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to let your mind and body rest.

As Mya Sato, ‘21, puts it, “You don’t have to do anything. You can stay in the comfort of your own space.”