A Treat For The Graduating Class Of Twenty Twenty-Two: Catering Options

Sara Pender, Staff Writer

With less than two months until the Class of 2022 graduates, graduation parties are quickly approaching. As this year’s seniors begin to plan their own celebrations, they must consider the food they will serve. There are typically two options when it comes to providing food: catering or doing it yourself (DIY). 

DIY is often more cost-effective than catering from a restaurant. A buffet could be a great way to ensure that all guests are happy with their options and can involve almost anything, from tacos and nachos to ice cream sundae bars. 

Insanelygoodrecipes.com offers online recipes for easy, accessible food options for graduation parties for those wishing to go the DIY route. Their popular hamburger recipe is a consistent hit with party-throwers. 

“These burgers are pretty straightforward – buns, beef patty, and cheese. There may be no special ingredients or sauces involved, but trust me, they’ll be a guaranteed hit,” the recipe website said. 

Chicken wings, pizza, chips and dip or even tubs of ice cream can be an easy sell for guests hopping from grad party to grad party. These classics provide a simple meal for guests and can be easily found in bulk at places like Costco. 

Olivia Kronzer, ‘22, encouraged peers to keep the following tip in mind when planning their party. 

“I am a big fan of the buffet style. I love that there’s free food. You know, you can pick which foods you want and there are lots of options,” she said. “I’m a vegetarian, so when there are only meat options, it’s a little bit discouraging.” 

It is important to provide alternative options for guests with dietary restrictions and allergies to ensure all attendees can have a good time. Party-throwers should also keep in mind the venue and the weather of their party. Although serving ice cream may make a great treat for a hot, outdoor party, if the host lacks the proper storage to keep ice cream solid, it may be wise to rethink that option. 

Catering is an alternative option to making all the food at home. It takes the stress away from buying, cooking and serving the food and allows the host to focus on other aspects of their party instead. Catering options could include Chipotle, Subway, Cafe Zupas or even ice cream from Adele’s or cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Catering offers a variety of food choices and allows guests to enjoy fare from some of their favorite restaurants as well. Getting simple snacks and finger foods to munch on throughout the party is a great idea as well. 

Both catering and the DIY approach present advantages and disadvantages. Catering might take the stress away from focusing on the food aspect of the day, but it can be expensive, whereas DIY takes more time and planning. Both are good options that will make a party more enjoyable and exciting, but, when it comes down to it, having a good experience and enjoying the day is most important. Whichever option a graduate chooses is sure to be delicious.