Artist Spotlight: Alpine Drive

Josh Poppie, Staff Writer

Going by the group name Alpine Drive, the current trio of Eli Quist, ‘20, Andrew Thompson, ‘20, and Cam Anundson, ‘19, have performed cover songs for a little over a year and a half now. They perform in a variety of styles, from classic rock to indie pop, covering songs from their influencers like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, and local sensation Hippo Campus.

As a cover band, they have experience with changing the lyrics, notes, and genre of songs to make each performance unique. Recently, the members of Alpine Drive have started writing their own music, too.

Alpine Drive bassist Andrew Thompson describes their songwriting process as “very spontaneous”.

“In a world where there are very defined genres, mixing it up to create something new that’s really unique – people get bored listening to the same old music, so it’s when you start mixing things up that you catch people’s interest,” says Thompson.

He says it comes naturally to the members of Alpine Drive to blend different styles of rock.

With work, sports and homework, it can get hard for the band to find time to practice together.

Still, Thompson said, “we always find time […] because it’s super important to all of us.”

They hope to keep making music for as long as possible, whether it’s professional or not. Their enthusiasm is clear in their performances, too.

“I think Alpine Drive is an incredibly interesting band to watch perform,” said band photographer Chelsea Lai ‘20.

“The diversity in songs they play make each show interesting, from songs by The Beatles, Prince, and The Rolling Stones” and that “if you’ve ever seen Andrew play his bass behind his head, you can tell they have fun with it.” said Lai.

When asked, the band wants their fan base to know that “we love ‘em” and that they recognize that “without an audience, we would be a couple of people making music in secret.”

For old fans, new fans, or anyone else looking to check out their music, Alpine Drive will be performing on December 7th at the first Coffeehouse show of the year.