A Spotlight on Callie Fidler; a Young Entrepreneur at MHS

Faith Watz, Staff Writer

Callie Fidler is a sophomore at MHS who turned her passion for baking into a business that sells custom cookies. Fidler started by baking cookies for her friends, and after receiving large amounts of positive feedback, turned her love for baking into a business. 

Fidler said she baked occasionally when she was younger, but started getting serious and creating her own recipes when she was 14. 

She shared that her first breakthrough was during midterms last year. 

She said, “it was an extremely stressful time for most students at MHS, and I knew for a fact that delicious cookies would bring some joy and relieve some of the stress.” 

Over the course of the week before finals, Fidler sold and gave out hundreds of cookies and received an incredible amount of positive feedback.

After this event, Fidler realized turning her passion into a business would be a “dream come true”, so that’s what she did. She now sells cookies through her Instagram page and website. She has a lot of amazing varieties, ranging from the classic chocolate chip to special one-of-a-kind recipes.

Fidler has really enjoyed running her business and shared how she enjoys meeting new people and creating connections with others.

Fidler said,it is the best feeling in the entire world to see and hear the happiness and excitement coming from the people who order my cookies. It is so fulfilling to see how happy everyone gets by enjoying something that I created with my own two hands”.

While being a business owner is really rewarding and has wonderful benefits, there are also some struggles. For instance, Fidler said that she sometimes struggles to fit everything into her busy schedule. 

“As a high school student, it can be slightly overwhelming trying to find the time to build my business while still applying myself to my classes, but so far I’ve been able to make it work,” she said.

To close, Fidler left some advice for anyone looking to start a business or take a step toward their goals. 

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard is to just do it and take the necessary steps to get started. The hardest part about getting started is finding the confidence and courage to take action towards a big uncertain goal, but the only thing you can truly regret is the thing you never did,” she said.

If MHS students are interested in checking out Fidler’s cookies, they can head to www.calliescustomcookies.com or follow @calliescustomcookies1 on Instagram.