More Information On The Minnetonka High School Cultural Fair

Alexandra Zedania, Staff Writer

Web Editor’s Note: This event has been postponed.

As students come back from Winter Break, many are feeling glum about the return to homework and tests. Other than the dawning close of the semester, however, there is plenty of excitement surrounding new events, especially the upcoming Cultural Fair. 

The Cultural Fair is an event that will take place January 14th, 2022 during sixth hour. Students and clubs will come together to represent and celebrate their cultures. Loads of activities are to take place at booths, such as games, musical performances and even the tellings of fantastical stories from history. Endless varieties of dazzling attire and appetizing food are to be enjoyed by hosts and guests. With students from all corners of the world, there are countless opportunities to experience. 

Jerry Zhang, ‘23, plans to participate in the Fair and represent the Hua Culture of China with other classmates. 

“We plan to have cultural activities such as chess, calligraphy, painting and music (in accordance with the four arts) as well as having more accessible cultural delivery mediums like food and visual elements,” Zhang said. 

Zhang further stated that he is very much looking forward to the event and emphasizes how the Fair is important for both participants and newcomers.

“I think our Cultural Fair will prompt our school district to understand how vital multiculturalism and diversity is to maintain a welcoming and vibrant community, as well as spark important conversations about ethnic, racial and cultural marginalization in this country,” Zhang said.

Alongside individual students, many clubs also plan to take part in the celebration as well. 

Krish Inba Rajashankar, ‘23, will be representing South Asian Culture through Desi Student Union. 

“We plan on bringing food and games, as well as crafts and more educational stuff for people who want to learn… it should be a fun way to share who we are,” Rajashankar said.

Saloni Somia, ‘23, another member of Desi Student Union, also shared her anticipation for the Fair. 

“I have high hopes for it. It’s really great to have this structured piece of time where people can go and their sole focus is learning about these cultures,” Somia said.

Somia talked more about the activities to take place at her club’s booth, including a Spotify playlist of music that best represents South Asian culture. 

While there are many hosts of the Cultural Fair, the event would not be taking place without its main organizers, one of them being Abdulkhani Abdi, ‘22. Abdi has worked alongside Meleck Eldahshoury, ‘23, and Chae Lee, ‘22, to organize this celebration, with the mission to promote diversity as a positive part of what connects humanity together. So far, they have been directing roles for outreach, setup and even fundraising for BIPOC businesses and communities from the Cultural Fair. 

“It is truly important to host events like the Cultural Fair because it allows students to learn about the importance of their classmates’ culture,” said Abdi. “I truly hope for Minnetonka students and teachers to understand more about cultures that they might have not known before. I want Minnetonka to be an even more inclusive environment than it already is.”