MHS Workspaces, Ranked

Sarah Johnsen, Staff Writer

All students know the feeling: craving the perfect spot to focus, study before a test or needing somewhere to meet with their group to finish that project. Minnetonka High School has a variety of workspaces for students to use and enjoy, but which is the best? Here are the top 3 workspaces at MHS, ranked by students.


3. Marina

At 3rd place is the Marina: a new workspace that’s formed over the last few years. This previous locker bay is now a spacious learning environment complete with skylights, blue walls, and many furniture options. 

The Marina’s location in the 2500s keeps it tucked away from the bustle of the rest of the school.  

“It’s a quiet space and not a ton of people go there,” said Sophia Parmele, ‘25, one of the many students who enjoy the Marina for its secluded feel. 

Students take advantage of its proximity to many classrooms and come here during group work time. There’s a large couch that’s perfect for working together and smaller tables for working alone. It’s a great space for anyone looking to get work done.

2. Crow’s Nest

Coming in second is the Crow’s Nest. This collaborative space, located on the second floor near the main entrance, is a popular spot to talk with friends or work on group projects. Its many windows and a beautiful overlook of the North Commons give the space an airy ambiance. 

“The furniture is comfortable and there’s good natural light,” said Axel Martin, ‘23. 

Through their 4 years at Minnetonka, Martin has found they like the Crow’s Nest best for hanging out with friends, especially during lunch when it’s less crowded.  

Before school starts, you can expect to see the Crow’s Nest overflowing with students playing games, catching up, and practicing presentations. If you can find a seat, the Crow’s Nest is hard to beat as the school’s best social workspace. 


1. Port

Finally coming in first is Minnetonka’s highest-rated workspace, the Port. Located on the south side of the Commons, the Port’s large footprint is maximized through a careful furniture layout. There are spaces for collaboration, independent study, and even private rooms you can reserve at the front desk. 

“I’m not surprised [the Port is number one],” said Sara Martinson, the Port’s Digital and Information Learning Coordinator, “I think we all crave quiet sometimes.” 

In fact, students’ number one reason for picking the Port was because of its calming environment. 

“I love how quiet it is compared to every other space,” said Isabelle Stroh, ‘23. 

But the Port isn’t just for studying. It’s also the school’s information hub. Computers, printers, and textbooks are all available for students to use, and a wonderful team of Port staff can help with anything technological. 

Whether it’s cramming for a calculus test, working through technical difficulties, or finding a comfy spot to read, the Port is considerably the top-ranked working space for students here in Minnetonka.

Honorable mentions: 

South Bay 

Arts Center