ABBA’s Comeback

Evelyn Christopher, Staff Writer

The Grammys has become one of the most well known and respected award shows of all time, honoring and awarding people who proved excellence that year in the music industry. There is one category in particular that people look forward to the most: the album of the year. 

This year, many talented artists were nominated for the award but one in particular struck many viewers’ interest. “I was pretty surprised to see ABBA get nominated, you don’t usually see a huge comeback like that,” said Samantha Horneck, ‘25. In November of 2021, ABBA released a new album for the first time in forty years titled Voyage. The album contained 10 tracks, with a variety of up beat and slower tunes. 

When asked about the initial opinion on the album Horneck responded, “I actually really like it. I wasn’t sure what to expect because they haven’t had a presence in the industry in a while, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.” ABBA became a worldwide sensation when the four members won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, representing Sweden performing their hit Waterloo. In the years to follow their popularity only grew, creating one of the most loved songs of the seventies, Dancing Queen. 

Before the entirety of Voyage was released to the public, the band gave its fans a lighthearted and fun single called Don’t Shut Me Down, showcasing that their spark from the past was not yet over. “I loved Don’t Shut Me Down! After listening to the whole album I think that one was still my favorite. The song could have easily been popular in the 70’s,” Horneck added. 

Voyage not only received lots of praise but also brought additional recognition back to the band’s early work, and expanded their fan base into the new generations. Horneck noted, “There aren’t many bands out there that could have a comeback the way ABBA did, and to be nominated for the album. It’s insane.”

Up until 2022, the group had never been nominated for a Grammy even though they remain one of the most beloved music groups of all time. ABBA truly displayed their talent with Voyage, evoking raw and nostalgic feelings to many.